Mojuba – Astral Sand


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The band came to the world in 2014 from an idea by the guitarist – Mascio – inspired by the psychedelic sound that was involved at the time. The first lineup was ready with Pierserio on vocals, after Mascio met him after a Jam Session. In 2015, joined the band Alfonso and Fabrizio, both assuming respectively drums and bass, thus in this way, closing the current lineup. Since the formation in 2014, the band came between rehearsals, compositions and a few gigs. So at the beginning of 2016, in January, Mojuba was ready to get his foot in the studio, recording his first full-length release, Astral Sand, released December 3 through Red Sound Records. With influences from psychedelic bands from the 70s to kyuss and Orange Goblin, TOOL and Seattle’s Grunge scene, Mojuba presents us with a collection of intense songs from the beginning.

Passing through the quick intro to the Wawa Aba Tree, “Drowning Slowly” a 9-and-a-half-minute track comes banging all up in your face. The intensity of the group is very strong. Pierserio Cistola, has a shouted vocal that may not delight everyone at first, but the riffs fit perfectly with his voice and melodic structure. The track has a stop, creating a very interesting atmosphere and tension, followed by a guitar with delay and after a touch of bass and a killer groove.

Musuyidee, next track, is an intro for Lost in the Sky. The album shows us several instrumental tracks that serve as intro, others a little longer and others faster. Once immersed in the mood of the album, these tracks contribute
Journey that follows the next track.

Lost in the Sky, which starts with a simple groove has a very interesting riff that accompanies the vocal most of the song that gives a very good vibe, all of it with enough energy. Music has a transformation, almost transformed into two songs within one. The beautiful passage follows calm with two solos and a groove that prepares us for the final progression, the track ends as intense as it began but in an epic ending. Adobe Santann is the instrumental track that caught my attention, creating an almost ritualistic atmosphere is one of those bands that make you look into themselves, or rather, to the night sky.

Astral Sand, the rack that names the album, is full of changes of time, in quiet moments, passing through moments of explosions. The guitar solos are very well built within the atmosphere created by the band. The final track, La Morte Nera, the biggest track of the album, begins as a lysergic ballad, the ‘stoned’ vocals contribute to this journey, the song follows and changes the intensity, the riffs that were calm are now dragged in a groove with grunge influence, and this atmosphere goes to the end of the song, dissonant riffs and slow. The structure of this song is quite different from the others, with almost spoken, but still, yeah, a great song that closes the great debut.

Here’s a truth, despite the intensity and energy, and particularly I like this record, this is an album that features a different structure, does not have the classic elements that you would find on a regular Stoner Rock Album. Now if you want to venture into something new, Mojuba is a great request. It is a sound that makes you feel alive and with great passages. And for those who want to know from where in the name, I leave here the words of the guys of the band:

The name came right after. The “Mojuba” is an African prayer about praise and gratitude from whom originate the word “Mojo”, the magic talisman associated with the early bluesmen, that later, with the arrival of Rock and Roll, became synonymous of libido. Despite of the fascination for the magic rituals and the evocative nature of the tribal Africa, the term “Mojuba” assumed for the band another meaning: to free body and mind!


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