Vinnum Sabbathi – Gravity Works


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Imagine the blackness and emptiness of space…
Imagine yourself floating through it …
Imagine that you are nothing in the face of the immensity of the universe,
but at the same time you are all for being part of it…
And in this way, you can empty yourself of everything that is around you….

With these strange words I start this review about Vinnum Sabbathi’s first full-length album.

If someone ask me about meditation and Doom Metal, I’d say it’s totally possible.

For those not familiar, Vinnum Sabbathi is an instrumental Drone / Doom Metal band that mix samples to creating spacial atmosphere. Started in 2011, today it’s formed by four Alberto – Guitar / Effects, Gerardo – Drums, Samuel – Bass, and Roman – Live Samples. Since it first steps the band was well received by those who dare to wander this side of instrumental music, and has been welcomed by those who have been finding out the band.

Vinnum Sabbathi builds a very solid sound, seems to have picked up all the best points from it other releases and have put in this material that I say no doubt, brilliant. The album was eagerly awaited by those who was watching their work, and he surpassed expectations. As all good music, the sound must be felt. The tracks mix with excerpts from NASA’s documentaries which makes it all more interesting, and contributes to the vibe. Gravity Works embraces us taking us to a distant and deep space, it is quite engaging. The songs carry a tension that explodes in dense and heavy passages.


Weightlessness marks the beginning of the journey, among excerpts from documentaries
the guitar creates an atmosphere of tension beside a groove that drags until the riff to explode, then the track follows a path almost hypnotic. Early Works, is icy, played quietly, and getting stronger as time goes by. Gravity Waves, one of the heaviest of the album, here we have a song loaded by grooves coming from the sludge, slow. Loop Quantum Gravity, the song explores the bass in dirty and heavy way. The Probe B has fast progression, something that is rare these days.

The Vinnum Sabbathi’s Cosmonauts take you on a journey through the cosmos. An almost spiritual journey through the atmosphere created by the record.

“Gravity Works describes the relationship between gravity and human exploration, from the state of weightlessness experienced and recorded by astronauts and the historic achievements of Russian and American scientists during the Space Age to the ultimate collapse of the entire Universe described by Asimov in ‘The Collapsing Universe'”


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