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Necro that was summoned in this world in 2009, already brings in its history two albums and two eps, some under the name Necronomicon. Having released the first album The Queen Of Death in 2012, from his earliest works it brings a Rock loaded with musicality that walks between progressive and psychedelic, with touches of Doom. Now the Brazilian trio formed by Lillian Lessa, Pedro Ivo Salvador and drummer Thiago Alef, bring out the world another beautiful work.

In Adiante, we have a more agitated Necro, but first let’s sum up the obvious changes. If on their debut album released in 2012 the aforementioned The Queen of Death was written entirely in English, now in Adiante, all songs are sung in the mother tongue, Portuguese. They had already done something similar, some songs are in Portuguese and others English, in their second album, Necro. And here, the obscure passages that gave a Sabbathic tone, give way to passages with brighter tones.

Necro’s third work consists in 7 tracks of Progressive and Psychedelic Rock, but it does not hide that there are other sources like Baião in the title track, Adiante, which gives a Southern / Country look in music. Followed by Azul Profundo and Viajor, are tracks that are evident the Brazilian influence in the songs in this album. In Entropia, a more 70s aura hangs over the album again, a heavy rock blues groove and psychedelic passages. Espelhos e Sombras, the keyboard that accompanies the solid riff does remind us a little of
the occult rock, but that transforms into a more psychedelic blues towards the end, finishing the track with a destructive progression. The album ends with Deuses Suicidas, which was released as the first single of the album, more direct, I believe to be the stoner track of the album.

It is worth mentioning that this album is the first release of Abraxas with a label.

To finish, Adiante is an album that transpires creativity and shows Necro in a great harmony.


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