Vago Sagrado: Vol. II [Album Review]


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“Not only Stoner Rock and sounds full of Fuzz lives the human being.”

Vago Sagrado is composed of three Chlilean guys from the city of Santiago who has played together since 2013. The trio formed by Alberto Parra [Guitar/Vox], Karlos Gonzalez Lihn, [Bass/vox] and Nick Vayolence [Drums] does an Experimental / Post-Punk, with elements of Shoegaze and Psicodelico. Most of his songs are sung in Spanish which is fantastic. The truth is that despite echoes and delays that give a spatial face in their first work, I feel that their work brings us an “empty atmosphere in the big city”.

Two years after their formation, they released in 2015 the Vol.01 with calmer tones. It didn’t take that long and a year later the EP Alea Iacta Est was released, which would be a preview of what was to come this year. The 3 songs released in his ep make up the new album.

Vol.02 was released last month, on CD by Ceguera Records and in Mono via Etcs Records. Both Vol.1 and Vol.2 have the cover album designed by Valeria Rojas.

The initial words on the cover, “Negans enim quod est Mortuus” means “Denying this dead Existence” and is written with the album art that calls the attention because reminds something classical.

Their work continues to be filled with soft vocals, maybe the difference is that they brought a junkie vibe that resembles the Sonic Youth, which I was coincidentally listening to it these days, maybe that’s why I make that connection.


The album itself has more accelerated passages, as in Ciudad Fantasma, Normandie and On your Knees. Synchronicity Highway is one of my favorites disc tracks, in a shoegaze mood plus the drum groove present in the music, but what strikes is the way with that it develops, with heavy effects and a dense climate with the vocal like a narrative. There are 8 tracks with many effects, alternating between a soft and dense climate for a more intense riff, as is the case of Alea Lacta Est.

And this year is a very special year for the band, since they had besides the release of Vol.02, had the released of Vol.01 in the vinyl format through Adansonia Records.

The fans of Experimental Rock and Shoegaze can enjoy the album a lot, in fact, Vago Sagrado can be said as one of the best releases within this genre this year so far.

Some for the band itself:

We are three metropolitan hobos. We’ve been wandering together since 2013. Completely aware of our misfortunes, we need very little to be happy.
We make music out of vice and melomania, XXI century diseases, but most of all we make music for the ritual, high up, knowing that we are going to play
“something”. That “something” is what you can hear here, born out of delirium and tides, and the intuition that “under every ocean, there’s a rectangular tapestry …”.



Container – Mountains of Gaia | Album Review


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Container is a band from Utrecht, Netherlands that mixes stoner and little touches of post-rock, doing a heavy rock tune, having as influence from bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Colour Haze to Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Blue Cheer. The band was formed at the end of 2009, released the Demo/EP in 2011. After releasing the Demo, they focused on LP, writing and burning their instruments. The results of this were, the “Mountains of Gaia” released on March 26 of this year.

If you are a fan of these bands already mentioned, this disc it’s for you. But you don’t need to worry if they sound exactly like those bands because the band merges very well his influences.


There is a lot of good elements from what people says be “Stoner Rock”, and these elements finds their own equilibrium. The disc is 8 tracks of energy from this equilibrium. The listener will find tracks like “Backstabber” clear influence from Punk Rock, heavier as “Spin off” and “Milestone”.  In many parts, the voice is screamed what can turn the things a little hard to digest if you don’t into this thing, but c’mon, this is rock n’ roll, and fit well, like the screams on Spin Off.

I have to mention the tracks “Mountains of Gaia” (what gave the title of the album) and the 4th track called “Challenger”, they deliver us elements from psychedelic music without forget of heavy elements and the stoned soul of the band. They are longer than the others, around 8 mins.

No doubt, Container released a great heavy stoner rock and one of the best things in past month.

And they uploaded a video of the song “Damage Control” in the beginning of past month. You can watch right now!

The Great Machine – Love [Album Review]

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We receive a lot of bands every day, we find out many bands by ourselves every day, and every day is a different surprise, you can bet.  Many bands that could easily be as well known as others already consecrated, bands that have an excellent musicality, an unmistakable creativity, each in its own way.

The Great Machine, Israel band formed by brothers Omer Haviv and Aviran Haviv, and the drummer Michael Izaki, who are on the road for five years, carries 2 eps and now releases the second long play titled Love. The LP was born from the personal experiences of the members, their point of view of what would be freedom, the universe sinking into itself for self-discovery.

Omer Haviv

The band brings presentations agitated, hypnotic, a true journey through the mood that the band throws up who watches it.

Right from the start, the album opens with heavy and slow riffs of Martin Collins, showing influences of Doom/Sludge. Followed by the fastest Kegen, in a Motorhead mood, energetic and frenetic, and we are following 0280, which continues the vibe more rock n ‘roll while maintaining the energy, but giving places to guitar solos and toward for a slower time. We have Your life will of you better than mine with slow and lysergic riffs, with a voice sung agonizingly.

The album has the great track Love (title track), Redrum ( 9th track ) and San Zekellin (11th track), which composes the most agitated part of the album. Barbara brings a very interesting variation, opening with a slow riff following toward the blast, the riff is repeated several in a single way.

But maybe the biggest surprise in this album (for me) are the tracks  South West Sugar Rush, Swamp and I need You.

South West Sugar Rush, the track has influences from Eastern music, native to the band’s region, this is already well-known by fans of Stoner Doom, by bands like OM and ZAUM for example. The immersion is so intense in this song that you can ask if you’re still listening to the same album. And yes, my friend, you are. This shows the versatility of the guys.

Swamp is the next track and continues the mood of the previous track, little by little the time changes and returns to the spirit agitated of the album, it’s interesting how the tracks were organized, chosen, maybe if they were put in different places, the previous track would have broken the album’s mood.

I need you closes the album and has the similar climate of South West Sugar Rush and Swamp. It’s the longer music in this album being 12 mins drowning us in a meditative state.

Love is amazing and intense. As soon as the album finishes you wanna repeat, to know more and fall into it. Having said these words, open your mind and let the riff come in your head.

The album will be released on April 29 [next saturday] but you can listen via the stream below.