Sautrus: Anthony Hill – Review and Track Premiere


For those who do not know the band from northern Poland, Sautrus was formed in 2010 with the proposal to mix elements of the 60′ and 70′ decade with the contemporary heavy rock. Sautrus got off with the right foot releasing in 2012 his debut EP called “Kuelmaggah misticism” bringing something more alternative than it would come in the not so distant future. Then in 2014, he released his first LP the already mentioned “Reed: Chapter One” through Pink Tank Records, a partnership that will be extended to his next album. Since its formation, it has divided the stage with important names of the world scene, for example, Blues Pills, Belzebong, Dopelord, Greenleaf, Mars Red Sky, Samsara Blues Experiment, Uriah Heep and many others, and made “wanderings”, tours across by other countries Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany, Poland and Austria.


Reed: Chapter One  

Artwork made by Joe Tolliver / Evil Donkey.

Anthony Hill is a concept album. Anthony is a normal guy, a corporate worker who has his different mental states, dreams, and fears. Probably he suffocates everything to live as a conformed being sucked into the world around him. Until one day he get up and realizes that he is becoming an ant (Some influence of Kafka here?).

“Okay, but, uh, how’s the record? How does it sound?”

Anthony Hill is a bit calmer than his predecessor if the previous one started with the frantic Ricochet. Now we give way to more melodic passages, but no less intense, the album opens with “The Way” with a calm melody that gonna taking a form and becoming dense, along with small elements that make it a little obscure, the music continues with this humor until the fuzz comes to life.

The harmonica at the beginning of the song is fantastic, for those who read my review about Erasy will notice that I have a certain romance for this instrument, but after all who doesn’t have it when the harmonica fit very well in the music? In addition to the harmonica, there is an outstanding groove that you must listen loudly, impossible not to bang the head while listening.

In the third track The Fungus we hear the song and fast we remember the epic and eternal parents of the riff Black Sabbath, worth noting, that the song
It unfolds and has characteristics of its own way, having solid and striking passages, such as the passage that begins around of 2:57, is one of the most striking things about music. The album delivers us two acoustic and calm, and beautiful tracks, “Cats on the Fence” and the last “When the War is over”, both with a very interesting folk vibe. Mainly Cats on the Fence with those noises, SCI-Fi frequencies, correct me if I’m wrong, but It’s slower than the other. “When the War is Over” is a bit more agitated, it’s not hard to imagine being in a friends’ wheel, shaking your fingers and singing together at dusk, drinking or smoking something. I think the tracks that will attract the ears of fans of Desert / Stoner Rock will be the Synopticon” and Shotgun” tracks, they are the grooves that remember the last album where this groove was more present. Both contain a highlight on the bass, the fuzz is high. Shotgun progression is maddening.

In his last two albums Sautrus explores elements of Stoner Rock, it is now even clearer the aura 60′-70 ‘with the folks and some melodies.

And to the top, Sautrus since his first release presents us with a solid work, with solid I mean that does not need to add anything else, the elements create unique characteristics giving face and name for the band. Anthony Hill is not a good record just for Stoner Rock fans, they bring the light great melodies and riffs in many ways.


After released the music video “Synopticon” (Video below) last month the poland band Sautrus releases today “Good Mourning” the second single from upcoming album. Almost 3 years of his last work “Reed: Chapter One” the next album called “Anthony Hill” will be released in May 2017 via Pink Tank Records.

We have the opportunity create a lyric music video of the track “Good Morning” already posted on our facebook page.

Official Music Video of the track “Synopticon”



Album: Anthony Hill

Label: Pink Tank Records

Date: May, 2017


Weno Winter – Vocals 

Michał Nowak – Guitar 

Michał Młyniec – Bass

Piotr ‘Ochota’ Ochociński – Drums 


01. The Way
02. Good Mourning
03. The Fungus
04. Cats On The Fence
05. Synopticon
06. Shotgun
07. When The War is Over 



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