Hammerhead Blues – Caravan Of Light

The Brazilian Hard Rock has always been known for its virtuosity stemming from consecrated bands like the great Dr. Sin and of course the new crop could not do differently and today we are going to talk about the first Hammerhead Blues album.

The trio from São Paulo since 2015 pointed out what we could expect from their first album because of their incredible debut EP that showed us a Hard Rock with clear psychedelic and progressive influences where there was often a flirtation with Stoner Rock.

Caravan Of Light is a mature first album with strong melodies and riffs one better than the other. An album with nine songs ranging from an exciting energy to slower songs and travelers, always with impeccable instrumental of an undeniable virtuosity where guitar solos, bass and drums together with a bluesy voice and a way of singing like prog rock (or it would be the other way around) make this work memorable.

Hammerhead Blues is:
Luís Felipe Cardimc – Guitar
Otavio Cintra – Bass/Vocal
William Paiva – Drums

01. Hero
02. Vultures
03. Morning Breeze
04. Rat
05. Lion Queen
06. Hammerhead Blues
07. St James Infirmary
08. Desert Wind
09. Drifter

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hammerheadblues/

Bandcamp: https://hammerheadblues.bandcamp.com/album/caravan-of-light


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