Humulus – Reverently Heading Into Nowhere

After changes in the lineup of the band, Humulus show us in the last work the EP “Electric Walrus” released in 2015 that the sonority will become more psychedelic and doomic and it were exactly this that happened with the second album ” Reverently Heading Into Nowhere” released in March 24, 2017. Lets check out!

The band from Brescia, Italy released a second work with a lot psychedelic riffs, it’s other band now, the first self titled album is more rocker and this new album we heard a lot of new elements.
Six songs with influences of Doom, Psych Hard, Blues and Jazz let this album more traveller and imersive, the voice and guitar riffs from Andrea Van Cleef is more bluesy now.

The conclusion is this new album gave a new face to the band and it becomes an album highly recommendable to listen this year. I hope more stuffs like that from Humulus. Go on guys with more and more beers and Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Humulus is:

Andrea Van Cleef – guitar/vocal

Giorgio – bass

Massimiliano – drums

01. Distant Deeps Or Skies
02. Catskull
03. Anachronaut
04. The Gold Rush
05. The Great Hunt
06. Rama Kushna





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