Geezer – Psychoriffadelia

(I’m not talking about Geezer Butler)

The new york band Geezer released this month one more new album called Psychoriffadelia. and how is it this work? (I’m not talking about Geezer Butler)

Psychoriffadelia is an album with five songs and almost forty minutes of duration.
The trio give us with this album songs with a lot of Fuzz and Blues a Stoner Rock simple and everybody likes of a band that sounds like the desert rock that we listened in the 90 years, a psychedelic bluesy travel.

Psychoriffadelia makes me remember why i like so much Stoner Rock.
Since the first song to the last this album have the recipe that´s never saturated enough that prevents the listener from listening again.

Released: May 19, 2017

1. Hair Of The Dog
2. Stressknots
3. Psychoriffadelia
4. Red Hook
5. Dirty Penny

Geezer is:

Pat Harrington: guitar/vocals
Richie Touseull: bass
Charles Ruggiero: drums





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