Tuskar – Arianrhod [ EP Review ]

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To the joy of slow and heavy riff’s fans, this month comes to us the debut ep of the band Tuskar. The band is a power duo that emerges from U.K lands, precisely from Milton Keyens, residing in the Surrey Hills. The duo is composed of guitarist Tom Dimmonck and the drummer Tyler Hodges who takes on the vocals.

It’s not today the duos give us great works, maybe it is more and more frequent this format because it’s difficult to find people who have the same tuning, vibe, in fact, there may be several motives for this. Duos have space from Black Metal to Death, and especially Stoner / Desert, I see this way showing us that don’t need many instruments to do an incredible sound.

The Ep called “Arianrhod” are 6 tracks that impress with elements from Drone to Sludge, dark passages, and echoes that we remember post-rock, however, heavy and precise, and these are the key words to describe the band and their debut work.

Tuskar is a mythological beast name, and the name of the ep comes from a Celtic goddess who was worshipped as a goddess of fertility, birth, and rebirth. I would sum up as the goddess of fertility and “fate”, and her name means Silver Wheel and its castle is the universe. She doesn’t know the destruction because it never dissipates even below the horizon. Anyway, you can do a research.

The cover of the album was made by the artist Lydia Elliot, who is a tattoo artist.

When Tyler Hodges showed me this material and finally I had the calm to listen, it has impressed since the first audition. Nowadays the ep has been part of my personal playlist. The songs are not long, the bigger one has more than 7 mins, the disc plays and suddenly It’s over and you think “Damn, I need to hear this shit again.”

But what makes this record so addictive?

A fucking fuzz! This is important. But another factor here that caught my attention on the disc is the vibe created by the disc, the environment and the fact that the whole EP is a kind of organic body interconnected and this without being tiring to those who are listening.

I won’t dismember track by track, but I can certainly highlight the killer progressions in Fateweaver, opening track, after the riff slow there is an explosion and a blast beats is fucking great, followed by a fantastic groove. Or passages in Where Strides the Colossus, which has faster riffs, there is a drum hit that reminds me of Melvins, for example, and a game with a ride around 2:47 that I just love. The initial riff on Toegrinder followed by the dark melody is a great appetiser to the ears. Moon-Hooch has a more stoner atmosphere, an effect on the voice contributes to it, as does the melodic structure. And Crimson Skull closes the disc with echoes and more obscure passages. Although the fuzz also does not stay out, but I’d venture to say that this is the most melodically obscure song on the record.

Arianrhod is a solid, strong and direct work of these guys.

These are some words from them to describe what they do:

We aim to bring our own brand of ‘Nuclear Sludge’ to the scene, combining elements of: Doom, Sludge, and Black Metal.

We are from Void, made a video to the single “Fateweaver” and released via facebook, you can watch and listen to below. Remember the ep will out 20 of this month so stay tuned on our page and the social medias of the band.


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