2016 was a year of incredible albums worldwide, I recommend the album harvest of the Brazilian scene last year that grew absurdly you can find these albums in our partner the channel on youtube Stoner Brazil! Well 2016 had great albums and some went a little unnoticed, but I bring you one of them today! The album Zorya from the band Sunnata.

Sunnata is a Polish band from the city of Warsaw, the group released on April 11, 2016 the album Zorya with five tracks of what we could call Sludge Doom. Within the dragged spectrum of heavy music the Sludge Doom Metal is my favorite by rightly expressing in its art aggressiveness, weight and gloomy atmosphere. The Sunnata gets with Zorya to bring a proposal that goes beyond that, the album already begins in a way that holds the attention of the listener with an acid fuzz in the middle of a bass riff that calls to darkness that leads to such a gloomy atmosphere that the introduction unfolds you can simply close your eyes and feel all the energy and the music evolves into an unusual psychedelic because with the weight and the gloomy environment plus much aggressiveness with deserving up to blasts beats, the first track “Beasts of Prey” dictates what we will hear in this work, five works of art by a destroying Sludge Doom and traveler running away from the Conan way that bands of this style lately do what is great for Sunnata because it shows personality. Highlight for the vocal work that reminds me of the grunge bands of the 90s.

Turn off the lights and close your eyes, feel the darkness consume you soon you will be in points of the universe witnessing phenomena so destructive that your mind will not be able to assimilate the devastation, but you will recognize the madness that this can bring and the beauty that the slowness of it can cause! This is Zorya, this is Sunnata


1. Beasts of Prey
2. Zorya
3. Long Gone
4. New Horizon
5. Again and Against





Sasquatch – Maneuvers

Hello guys! Our blog is back bringing the best of dragged, stoned and dirty music.

Today we’re coming back with everything to talk about an album of a band that for me is a legend of Stoner Rock, Sasquatch! The band that has been active since 2000 released in June 2017 their newest upcoming work called Maneuvers and how can we describe this album? What I can begin to tell you is that several of the Sasquatch features we know of continue in this work as the powerful Fuzz that it’s hard not to fall in love with their weight and the sound of the group going from Black Sabbath to Grunge influences keeping that sound of the desert we so much love besides influences like Melvins, Grand Funk Railroad, all these influences are here making the sound of Sasquatch to pulse.

The album that contains nine songs and was released by the label Mad Oak Records presents in addition to the features mentioned above more careful work on vocals, I was surprised by the work done. I also felt that the Maneuvers seems to go through several stages of the band over the years, every energy of each album is there, all the heavy riffs the aggressiveness and nostalgia and the bass is well present in this work where the contrast with the guitar is constant. I am a fan of the first album and here I highlight the tracks with the same energy of the first work as “Rational Woman” and “Destroyer”. Pure desert tracks with organ additions like those heard in 60’s bands are also featured on tracks like “Just Could not Stand The Weather”. The entire album causes me a state of nostalgia and makes me very happy to know that Sasquatch is still Sasquatch and even better than ever, simply addictive! A must-have album for anyone who wants to listen to a good Stoner Rock, certainly in the future when the youngsters are discovering Stoner this album will be quoted as essential.

If the desert is your home, feel at home as the sun and the sand will make you fry perhaps you want a glass of water at this time, but perhaps to the sound of Sasquatch in a car crossing the desert you want to stop a bit and ascend that marijuana.

Sasquatch is:

Keith Gibbs – Guitar, Vox, Spaghetti Sauce;
Craig Riggs – Drums, Harmonies, Coffee Beans;
Jason Casanova – Bass, Paperwork


1. Rational Woman
2. More Than You’ll Ever Be
3. Destroyer
4. Bringing Me Down
5. Just Couldn’t Stand The Weather
6. Drown All The Evidence
7. Anyway
8. Lude
9. Window Pain