2016 was a year of incredible albums worldwide, I recommend the album harvest of the Brazilian scene last year that grew absurdly you can find these albums in our partner the channel on youtube Stoner Brazil! Well 2016 had great albums and some went a little unnoticed, but I bring you one of them today! The album Zorya from the band Sunnata.

Sunnata is a Polish band from the city of Warsaw, the group released on April 11, 2016 the album Zorya with five tracks of what we could call Sludge Doom. Within the dragged spectrum of heavy music the Sludge Doom Metal is my favorite by rightly expressing in its art aggressiveness, weight and gloomy atmosphere. The Sunnata gets with Zorya to bring a proposal that goes beyond that, the album already begins in a way that holds the attention of the listener with an acid fuzz in the middle of a bass riff that calls to darkness that leads to such a gloomy atmosphere that the introduction unfolds you can simply close your eyes and feel all the energy and the music evolves into an unusual psychedelic because with the weight and the gloomy environment plus much aggressiveness with deserving up to blasts beats, the first track “Beasts of Prey” dictates what we will hear in this work, five works of art by a destroying Sludge Doom and traveler running away from the Conan way that bands of this style lately do what is great for Sunnata because it shows personality. Highlight for the vocal work that reminds me of the grunge bands of the 90s.

Turn off the lights and close your eyes, feel the darkness consume you soon you will be in points of the universe witnessing phenomena so destructive that your mind will not be able to assimilate the devastation, but you will recognize the madness that this can bring and the beauty that the slowness of it can cause! This is Zorya, this is Sunnata


1. Beasts of Prey
2. Zorya
3. Long Gone
4. New Horizon
5. Again and Against





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