Son of a Witch: Thrones in the Sky


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Coming from the northeast of Brazil, specifically from the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, Son of a Witch (reference to the first album by Black Sabbath) began its history back in 2008 with the proposal to tread the path of stoned and doomed music. Faced with some difficulties and changes in formation, his first show happened only in 2010, the band already being like a quintet with the addition of Gila Monster on the second guitar and Asteroid Mammoth on drums in place of Felipe who was the first drummer. In 2012 was released the first work of the band, the ep titled “Snake arms woman” with 3 heavy tracks. The EP made with the band walk on the local scene playing in bars and events both in its city and in neighboring cities.

And in 2014 the band was invited by Abraxas’s Felipe Toscano and Rodrigo Toscano to record their first full album at the Superfuzz studio in Rio de Janeiro, with producer Grabriel Zander.


PH by Iana Domingos.

And soon the band started working on the powerful long play that was going to be conceived even in the beginning of 2016. The wait was long, almost four years separate the EP from what would be one of the best Stoner Doom albums and heavy rock of the Brazilian and worldwide underground scene. But I can say that the wait and all the anxiety was worth it, and something good and well work takes time.

Thrones In The Sky is a blast of waves that tear you into sabbathic riffs injurious to your sanity, a true cosmic black cult is opened from the first seconds of the spinning of the disc. The sonorous pendular between the robust groove and the calm exhaled by effects of lysergic properties that seduce you in a perverted and acid trip by the nocturnal climate that shrouds our mind mesmerizes our ears while the low reverberates among to the echoes of guitars. Indomitable desertic grooves take the scene suddenly followed by heavy and maniacs riffs forcing us into an insane vortex of adrenaline guided by thundering beats added to an explosive voice.

Thrones in the Sky opens the album with an intense riff reminiscent of Sabbath’s Electric Funeral, and this can fool many making the listener think it’s just another Sabbath cult band sucking all over the sonority of the black father, but then the music develops brilliantly. Although all the classic elements of the Sabbath are there, of course, the band invokes its own spirit and essence there. The music seems to have an apocalyptic tone, taken directly from the book of revelations. That was the impression you had when reading the lyrics.

If the first track creates a large, almost solid sound wall that crushes you throughout auditioning, the majestic second track Alpha Omega Astra inserts more elements within the Stoner Rock with psychedelic features. Music marks by its hard grooves and small progressions that emerge over the song. But already in this music, more psychedelic elements are beginning to be presented, around 7 minutes, the song changes of tone to something more spatial, and a cosmic journey takes the place of the grooves. At this point, we are face to face with the lysergic countenance of the album. Almost one track within another, but in the end the initial intensity comes back.

Far from Dreaming had already been released on EP, it’s the first track of EP by the way. But this version is even more addictive since the track is slower.

We continue our journey through New Monster, believe that it is a more agitated and direct track of the album, although it is not a minor. Full of grooves and intense, listen to the song it’s like if the band put us into a rollercoaster, the song is taken by several fantastic changes of rhythms that follow in their 10 minutes of music. Here the band sinks their feet more into a stoner rock, and a collection of good riffs in a desertic climate is shown to us for the joy of fans of the genre.

Then we got one last track, a giant Jupiter Cosmonaut, 15 minutes. Closing the album in more psychedelic and spatial tones mixed with Doom Metal. A track goes by these aspects. Of course, it is already known throughout the album, but here are amplified and intensified.


PH by Jônatas Barbalho

The album is incredible and is consonance with the best parts in this crooked and smoky path, either by the Californian desertic grooves in New Monster or something more obscured and monolith that there is in Jupiter Cosmonaut and all this with a touch of echoes, effects that give a certain psychedelic touch, and these examples make the band able to satisfy many types of fans within the scene. Starting with classical elements the band finds its own essence and identity. They often create something like doomy groove that marks the sound of the band.

My words about Thrones In The Sky are not enough to describe the experience of listening to the record. Perhaps the comparison I can do is that I have the impression of traveling through the desert under a night sky totally stoned and guide by the stars.
I believe that we’re on with a complete work and great strength in our hand.

Not long time they signed with the German label Kozmik Artifactz and had the album released in Vinyl and CD format.

The production was by Abraxas (Felipe and Rodrigo Toscano) and Gabriel Zander, mixing and mastering also by Zander and the art of the cover Ars Moriendee and design by Gustavo Rocha.



Monster Coyote: brazilian band releases the new single “Swallowed By The Sea”.



The brazilian sludge metal band Monster Coyote released today by the Abraxas a new song called “Swallowed By The Sea”. The releasing of this single marks a new age to the band because of the quit of the old lead singer Kalyl Lamarck the fans were left wondering what the band would look like, then Mosnter Coyote quickly recruited a new lead, the bassist Julio Cortez. With some live perfomances presented in the channel of the band with the new formation, in spite of the difference where Kalyl sang with guturals and Júlio sings with drive and cleaner the sound of the band continues aggressive, brutal and the new singer became promising.


And now the doubt ends, “Swallowed By The Sea” is a brutal song with influences of the album The Howling and the last album Neckbreacker. The choice of Júlio Cortez is a clear shot for the band because his voice fits very well the proposal of the Monster Coyote and we have a technical improvement here in relation to the old releases, generally the voice had a little low mixing letting sound more instrumental , it is now in a volume that can clearly hear the voice and the instrumental continues to sound very well.

“Swallowed By The Sea” talks about problems, emotions and vices that lead us ever more to the abyss, in the case of this song it takes us to the bottom of the sea where we are consumed by the creatures of the depths that is the dark side of the human mind.

Check out the new single in lyric video format and we have an exclusive spoiler for you, the song is part of a coming new album that is still being recorded and has no release date.

Monster Coyote is:

Amilton Jr – Guitar
Daniel Araújo – Drums
Júlio Cortez – Bass/Vocal



Spaceking – The Piper at the Gates of Stone

Hello fellas let’s talk about other album released in 2016, “The Piper at the Gates of Stone” by Spaceking.

Spaceking is an instrumental band from Sankt Peterburg, Russia. The band has a style that mix Stoner Metal, Space Rock and Prog Rock, the quartet formed by Ivan Zakharov, Stanislav Matveev, Ilya Yakunov and Daniil Kornev released on September 7, 2016 the second album called “The Piper at the Gates of Stone” with 7 tracks and almost 45 minutes in length. Soon after starting to listen the album with the opening track “Ruins” reminds me at the same time something like Yuri Gagarin with a drums riffs that refers to influences like Rush or Dream Theater and soon of that brief beginning that already me holds the attention comes a weight that reminds me another instrumental Stoner Metal band the Tank 86, but the difference here is that the sound is distortion and not Fuzz. This opening song brings attention to the rest of the album and soon we arrive at the song “Metamorph” that already begins with very heavy riffs and impressive that although they are well own of the band the melodic walking of the music has influences of Mastodon and Tank 86 In its heaviest parts and then psychedelic riffs begin to appear and again the progressive influences arise, magnificent solo that surely are influences of bands like Pink Floyd and Rush giving the contrast making the listener to travel and soon the music returns to the heavy riffs of the beggining of the song, ending with a riff influenced by Groove Metal.

Well it seems that the album is not a homogenio work where each song has mostly influences of the previous one where depending on the band this is very good because it is a little difficult to find bands that make of each song an unique work inside the album without the cd falls of level in these changes and from what I see Spaceking is one of those bands that know how to do it very well and this kind of attitude makes me want to further detail the album as we are going to next song!

“Silent Window” already starts obscure and more doomic with walkings that remind me a little of Arabic music and soon after more weight with more riffs dragged, where the music stands for a time in this exchange of more psychedelic riffs with arabian stages and riffs more doomics and then the music explodes and a destructive energy making “Silent Window” an exercise of power, Stoner Metal riffs dispute with more doomics and progressive riffs next to some sounds of samplers creating a heavier and experimental environment.

“44” is our next stop, Stoner Metal, Groove Metal among several other things can be listened in this track, I think it incredible how the band can mix several influences with the progressive one thus making own sound, experimental and heavy, energy exchanges of destroyers riffs , samplers and some solos make this track very amazing, very good bass at the beginning, the music could be bigger, it’s only 4:18    😦      I want more ……. it sounds like a song made for soundtrack of some
science fiction and action game.

It was just me talking about game soundtracks. Listen! Like “Dwart” begins, with samplers and Space Rock riffs ….. wait a second let me go back to the beggining of the song to understand this mix of Space Rock and Prog Metal. Incredible as this
band is surprising me, we can start listening to enigmatic space riffs and progressive moves that remind us of Dream Theater and suddenly these textures come together naturally and then receive more prog in your ears, solos that now remind me Star One band, now I understood where this spatial sonority came from. A traveler song, so far my favorite.

The penultimate song entitula the album “The Piper at the Gates of Stone”. If I had to define all the influences of Spaceking in a style maybe it would be Progressive Space Metal because that’s exactly what they sound and the title track of the album proves it, plus Prog and Space Rock with just over six minutes of these variants, we also have more traveler riffs that remind me again of Arab influences. Awesome!

And we got to the end of this magical album with “Collapse” that could be more one destructive song because of the name, but it’s a calmer one, see, maybe this is the collapse that Spaceking is saying after a devastating track one after another. We have in its final something more behaved, but make no mistake this song is extraordinarily technical, incredible track with even more incredible solos that mix wah-wah and delay what reminds a band from Brazil called Space Guerrilla . And that’s the way it continues “Collapse” saying goodbye to an excellent album for those who like instrumental music influenced by much things that we from the world of slow heavy metal music liked and entitled to a short break in almost six minutes and with a quiet samplers almost a minute later, I think it was a good one.

Travel through the possible worlds that our universe can provide in your spaceship and as you bend space-time to reach farther and farther put Spaceking as the soundtrack to your journey.

SPACEKING is: Ivan Zakharov – Bass/Saz/FX, Stanislav Matveev – Guitar, Ilya Yakunov – Guitar, Daniil Kornev – Drums.
Additional Personnel: Andrey Romanov – Bendir (3,6), Jaws Harp (3), Vladimir Kabanov – Synth (4,6), Ivan Rozmainsky – Keys (5).
Mixed & Mastered by Aleksander Karelin at Secret Studio.
Design: Vladimir “Fedya” Sedykh.

The Piper at the Gates of Stone:

1. Ruins
2. Metamorph
3. Silent Widow
4. 44
5. Dwarf
6. The Piper at the Gates of Stone
7. Collapse