Blind Horse – Patagonia

Brazil is slowly becoming a revival factory and the dragged music scene grows at an impressive speed where the country that is best known to bands like Sepultura, Angra and Krisiun is now also being known for its Stoner / Sludge / Doom with names that are being known in the world as Son Of A Witch, Fuzzly, Monster Coyote, Cattarse, Muñoz and more. Today we will talk about Blind Horse’s album “Patagonia”.

The carioca band released in May of this year their first album titled “Patagonia”. As I mentioned above some bands take the revival very seriously and Blind Horse brings to the world a job that has one foot on 70′ Hard Rock and another on 70′ Prog Rock showered with a lot of fuzz. We hear here a complex work where an extremely analog sound that brings everything we like bands that is willing to make proposals to remind us of the past, heavy fuzz, organs, synthesizers, a little bit of keyboards, country riffs, powerful bass and worked, delirious solos and mainly a very well crafted voice with much feeling. We hear in each song influences from Pink Floyd, Rush and a Black Sabbath from time to time, besides it is possible to hear influences of soul, jazz, blues, funk and stoner the psychedelic rock here vibrates like never before. The album is a true work of art that it is difficult not to want to push the play again, highlight the opening song “Patagonia” an epic of almost 16 minutes that passes through all influences of the band and makes us travel and neither does it seem that music Is so great of so varied and good that it is holding the attention making the listener wait and think: What else is to come? Another track that I highlight is the single “Noite Estranha” sung in Portuguese is a vibrant Hard Rock that makes you want to rock a lot, probably the best song of a devastating album.

Entering a time machine you will travel through time and space and will probably land in the early 70’s and you will be ecstatic about how that decade has so much musical force, I think you will not want to come back! Haha! Long live the Blind Horse!

Blind Horse is:

Alejandro Sainz: vocais
Rodrigo Blasquez: guitar
Eddie Asheton: bass
Gabriel Santiago: drums
1. Patagonia
2. Stun Bomb Blues
3. Rock and Roll Me
4. Noite Estranha
5. Soul Locomotive
6. Los Heraldos Negros

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