Egypt – Cracks And Lines

The North American stoner trio Egypt has released another album this year’s “Cracks And Lines”. Let us know better?

After almost two years of waiting since the release of “Endless Flight” which was released in December 2015, “Cracks And Lines” came to the world on June 20, 2017 with five tracks. Egypt is one of those bands that take seriously the continuation of Black Sabbath’s legacy, the album begins with “Final Heist” which is extremely influenced by the rock of the 60s, groove riffs making the fuzz echo from one side of your ear and the bass distorted from another and in the climax of the music another guitar enters the other side completing the weight and giving way to the addictive and more melodic chorus giving place to the voice ripped and known because it can not confuse the voice of Aaron Esterby, then the voice ripped and hoarse gives way to a smoother and cleaner voice and we still have the typical change of rhythm of songs inflated by the Sabbath where after more riffs dragged the music becomes more aggressive towards the end of it.
The song title of the album “Cracks And Lines” continues the album, it is not by chance that this song entitles this new work, eleven minutes and ten seconds of pure Iommic delight, riffs that give you a real class of how to do Stoner Rock and voice Clean and torn contrasting hour giving more weight and time leaving more melodic. Of course you could not miss psychedelic riffs in this track leaving a breeze on the face of the listener, via certain and bluesy shivering solos. Soon after we have the track “Dirge” which is a slower track and traveler stuffed with blues. “Watchin ‘You” continues the work with that awesome 70’ Hard Rock and we finished the album with another Stoner class “What Lights This Ocean” that shows us a Psychedelic Doom Metal, a song well dragged with a good environment built in fuzz, delay, master solos that makes us shiver and a slow voice that guides us on that road and an emotional end in an explosion of fuzz and organ, a master finale for an incredible album.

The great masters of lysergia always have more classes to give us, listen carefully and travel with your imagination and let the sound of Egypt guide you.

Egypt is:

Aaron Esterby – Vocals/Bass
Chad Heille – Drums
Ryan Grahn – Guitar (MK I)
Neal Stein – Guitar (MK II)
Cracks And Lines
1. Final Heist
2. Cracks and Lines
3. Dirge
4. Watchin’ You
5. What Lights This Ocean

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