Nafandus – Unbreakable [EP]

Stoner Rock has been growing a lot and today although it is not a fever like other styles such as New Metal and Grunge that also appeared in the 1990s, certainly it is one of the styles that has become one of the best known today and walks Increasingly its popularity and today it is becoming more common to find bands that are influenced in some way by the style, today we will talk about one of these, the Brazilian Nafandus.

Nafandus is a band from the Fortaleza city in the state of Ceará that is known musically by the Extreme Metal and the regional style Forró that is part of the culture of northeastern Brazil. The quintet released in May this year its new EP titled “Unbreakable” with five tracks. The band that previously made a more influenced by Grunge now brings us a more alternative work with clear influences of Hard Rock and the weight and sound dragged by Stoner Rock, we also have a great differential here where it makes Nafandus a band that is building a personality, the regional music of his mixed state to a well built and heavy Rock ‘n’ Roll besides being a band commanded by a woman to the beautiful and very talented Claudine Albuquerque that shows here an incredible professional evolution in its voice, the aggressiveness and melody are in the right dose here. Almost not listening to the Grunge influence that Nafandus began, I would risk that even a little Prog Rock they put in this work as we can observe in the song “Outsider” that is a track that ends the EP and already begins with regional music in its Claudine Albuquerque sings in most of the EP in English and in a few Portuguese parts and we also have special performances such as that of Victor Calíope singing in Portuguese in the song “Suncurse” with a strong accent from Ceará. Highlight also for the post-apocalyptic look of the band that it seems that all live in a great desert.

Overall the Unbreakable EP is a good work and differentiation that shows that when a band wants to innovate making a salad of influences thus building their own sound the work can be arduous but very pleasurable that can result in good results. Congratulations to the group hopefully the first album will be out soon.

The attitude is the differential that moves the gear of Rock ‘n’ Roll and does not let it stay in the same corner, in the same concepts and much less die.

Nafandus is:

Claudine Albuquerque – Vocal
Lucas Santiago – Guitar/Vocal
Lucas Rodrigues – Guitar
Lucas Ravel – Bass/Vocal
Thiago Skilo – Drums/Samplers


01. Underdog
02. Mr. John
03. Unbreakable
04. Suncurse (ft. Victor Caliope)
05. Outsider




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