Hair Of The Dog – This World Turns

Hello everyone today i’m gonna talk about the new album of the band Hair Of The Dog. Let’s check out this!

Hair of The Dog is a band from Scotland, the power trio released July 14, 2017 the album “This World Turns” with six songs that transit among 70′ Hard Rock, Heavy Rock, Heavy Metal and Psychedelic Rock. A true legacy being built album after album. The album begins with the song that gives name to the album “This World Turns”, almost ten minutes of a strong heavy/hard that reminds me because its power the first album from Black Sabbath with Dio “Heaven and Hell”, awesome riffs, impeccable bass, tha bluesy voice and guitar solos in this song invite you to listen more and more, the second song “Keeping Watch Over The Night” seems to continue the same footprint of the first only with a more moderate energy and the song is more sung, The song “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” has riffs and energy more heavy metal and heavy rock, with a little bit of hard rock, good ritmatics to balance the album, now we are in “The Colours in Her Skin”, to me is the best song of the album, the mainly riff in the intro is totally killer, it’s impossible someone doesn’t like this riff, the song walks in a heavy rock way with total power that Hair of The Dog can provides and solo in the end of the music with voice build a psychedelic enviroment and suddenly the song explodes, perfect end to this music. “In Death’s Hands” is a psychedelic rock song that makes me travel a lot, a little bit more than seven minutes that will stoner you, fucking awesome feeling in this song, the final song “4AM” in the beggining looks a ballad but a suddenly a heavy riff appears and the songs becomes a slow bluesy and psych song with a lot of heavy rock influences, strong bluesy solos you will find here, awesome end to the album.

Prepare yorself to the rain of awesome riffs, an album that you have listen many times. Long live to Hair of The Dog.

Hair of the Dog is:

Adam Holt – Guitar/Vocals
Jon Holt – Drums
Iain Thomson – Bass
This World Turns
1. This World Turns
2. Keeping Watch Over The Night
3. Ctrl-Alt-Delete
4. The Colours in Her Skin
5. In Death’s Hands
6. 4AM

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