Dopelord: Children of the Haze



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Coming to the world in 2010, Dopelord has released true pearls throughout its existence thus marking its name deeply in the minds of Stoner Doom fans around the world.

Its debut album Magick Rites a2606995735_10 released in 2012 mixed elements of classic Doom Metal with some psychedelic effects, clean vocals that echoed in tracks like Rise! Undying! and Lucifer’s Son gave a foggy aspect to the sound of the band and an atmosphere of terror from B movies about demonic invocations dominated the album. Magick Rites marked the first passos of the band inside a Doom Metal Psicotropic.


Chris PanatierThe album with green tones with a witch on its cover conducting a ritual was followed by the brilliant “Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult“, another successful release, a true Riff Worship, the fuzz is contaminating in all 5 tracks of the disc . In their second album the band continues to follow this smoky path, certain elements that had given a more psychedelic tone are felt less often, however the band delivers what it proposes and invokes us a collection of riffs that can not miss in your playlist, the disc is very good to listen to and it involves you almost instantly. Attention for the tracks Pass the Bong and Acid Trippin‘.

Earlier this year, Dopelord invoked the imposing Children of the Haze. The third album shows that the band continues to breathe the sacred stoned smoke inside the doom metal. If in its second album, the band had left aside a little of that psychedelic tone, here we see it resuming with more force and intensity. These points are accentuated and it is not difficult to notice this. A symbiosis of his earlier works, we see the band venturing out and experimenting on some tracks but with their feet on Stoner Doom.


Children of the Haze has an intoxicating and powerful sound, slow riffs filled with corrosive fuzz, smoky voices in reverbs and an acidic atmosphere that takes shape and becomes denser in greenish tones as we enter the disc. A psychedelic, lysergic aura embraces us in stoned riffs and delirious solos that insanely paint the sound emitted by ruthless guitars while the fearsome bass vibrates incessantly contributing to hypnotic atmosphere while the precise and energetic battery conducts the attack. The oscillate between the strength of the heavy riffs and the lysergic atmosphere of the album intriguing us stimulating to live every minute of each composition.

I highlight the tracks of the Scum Priest, where it shows the raw side of the band in elements from Sludge, in an incessant muddy instrument flooding the ears of those who listen to it, true destruction and a powerful attack that starts with the drum beats. And Dead Inside, which can synthesize the spirit of this new album, besides brilliant progression, not so common listening progressions on this side of the genre.


The lastest work of the Polish Quartet is an exciting experience mainly because it mixes so well lysergic elements with the heavy fuzz making this work essential for the adventurers of the way of the doomed and stoned music. Dopelord has certainly presented us with good works, but I consider this one the most different of the 3 albums, here we can see the essence of the band, a unique spirit amid an obscure fog.

Let your body be taken by the spirit of this work which is invoked by six impeccable compositions. Let it be carried away by the black haze

Dopelord is:

Grzegorz Pawłowski – guitar
Piotr Zin – bass & voice
Paweł Mioduchowski – guitar & voice
Tomasz Walczak – drums



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