Beastmaker: Inside the Skull


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Label: Rise Above Records


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The powerful trio goes deep seeking and digging the roots of the genre, bringing with them a pulverizer and raw Doom Metal Manifesting a perverse and evil atmosphere fueled by a horror with retro air coming from the 60s and 70s, Beastmaker has snatched loyal followers to its sound since raised from the grave. Many bands have emerged in recent years and revisited the early days of Doom Metal in against to a so technological era, making an organic sound that pulsates attitude and passion for what they do. Beastmaker compose a plot in the music scene that makes a revival of this whole macabre scenario that walks between Doom Metal and Occult Rock, but all this with a lot of creativity making them one of the main references in the whole thing when we talk about this revival, this cursed and malefic levant that has come with the Doom Metal.

Not long ago from the chaos emerged his first long play, last year was released the mighty Lusus Naturae making the band well received in the hordes of Doom Metallers and lovers of the malign rock n’ roll around the world. The band left no doubt about what it could do, and with that, they were one of the best-emerging bands of last year. These guys seem to enjoy the endless energy, not only transmitted by their studio recordings but also their live performances, and with that energy this year they released the majestic ‘Inside the Skull’ by the hands of Rise Above Records.


Capturing you with fierce claws from the first to the last second of this sinister journey, “Inside the Skull” emanates a luciferous and landing aura appearing to emerge from open graves that are connected with a dark world. The obscure sonority surrounds you in night terrors in Riffs that haunt minds, Riffs the ones erected by an imposing tyrannical guitar that raises its reign of terror next to a bass that punishes the tormented souls at all times reverberating with force a dark energy and explosive drums that drive the diabolical march.

Inside the Skull is heavier than its predecessor but far from being just heavy with a touch of horror tuned in an old-school tone, the trio really delivers a great, well-structured work within all its simplicity of composition, the creativity of them is rewarding. A big surprise is a participation of Johanna of the band Lucifer and Nate from Salem’s Pot, that has its voice in some tracks. The band transmits us a doom metal drawn on attractive lines by an Occult Rock, with touches that evoke Danzig and Alice in Chains.  Beastmaker takes us through classic scenarios with a new outfit.


Enter into this atmosphere of horror created for the beasts of the night, be bewitched and intoxicated by evil spirits.

And even this semester they released digitally a new work, an EP titled Coven Born, you can check it out below, to fund their european tour.


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