Sun Rider: III

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Label: Electric Valley Records

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The Dutch band Sun Rider arrive in their third release simply called “III” with the conviction and smile on the face of who knows how to beat the hammer without pity but preserving some refinement.  The band formed in the city of Dordrecht unloads a merciless Stoner Metal with a generous charge of groove and a latent bluesy touch and dropped to play this new EP in May of the current year. A dish not only full but overloaded for those who appreciate bands like Red Fang, Planet of Zeus and Komatsu. “III” has only four tracks, one of which is a brief introduction. The three who are left thrive noisily as a cannon fires a profusion of destructive riffs that barely find resistance in front of them, plunging like a wrecking ball without restraint. Mark Stevens’s almost growling vocals find their place perfectly amid a massive instrumental that unites the useful to the pleasant: resolute weight and groove with a heavy swing. The lead of the drums is paralleled in the exciting work of the six strings, with Erik Reppel sitting down the pounding and marking the rhythm of the work well.

As a result, the work alternates at the right times slowdowns and more cadenced times with faster and energetic movements. “Call of the Mountain” already shows that the course of work will continue from the first seconds, whiskey-drenched voice now superimposed on the massive and solid musical mass, now filling in the gaps and foreshadowing the next sound attacks.

The perfect union of this well-defined vocal imposition and the devastating riffs produced by Mark. The band develops the lane towards an apparent sea of punctual tranquility only to impose a crescendo at the right moment, resuming the massacre with the refinement of a mad buffalo. “Exodus of the Firetitans” opens with Giel Van Arkel’s bass invoking a bluesy vibe as he connects with Mark’s initially upgraded vocal until it again erupts into fury and broken bones in a solid intro. The pauses and connections between each section provide a well-constructed track from the beginning, where each element and the insertion of each instrument are emphasized and evidenced. Point for the technical quality of the album in that sense, incidentally. Without the instrument being superimposed on the instrument or there is a dissonance between each one, the parts intertwine and help to build a truly pulsing and fluid whole.

“Supercell Thunderstorm” closes the work on the previous tracks by adding, in the middle of the track, the presence of some discrete elements of Southern Rock and Blues to the herculean melody of the song. Nearly a meeting of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Down and Red Fang in an orgy watered down to folly, Jack Daniels and bombastic riffs. The final track of “III” is pure viscerality. In short, Sun Rider’s third work is a “typical” drunken Stoner Metal album with not-so-typical elements, resulting in an excellent (though relatively brief) experience of heavy music grounded by technical quality and sound heavyness. Sun Rider consolidates itself as a relevancy name of heavy music, reaching a moment of glory with the great “III”.

Review written by Matheus Jacques

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