Cybernetic Witch Cult – Troglodithic Trip


Leia em português aqui.

Hello guys, I’m bringing you a very fucking awesome band from England, let’s get acquainted with the new work of Cybernetic Witch Cult, the album “Troglodithic Trip”.


Cybernetic Witch Cult is a band from Cornwall, England. The trio formed by Alex – Cosmic Narration & Fuzz dispenser, Kale – Undercurrent, Visual Wizardry & Secondary Narration and Lewis – Groovaceous Battery. Launched on May 4, 2017 the second album called “Troglodithic Trip”, the album contains 6 tracks and 35 minutes in length.

The album when you start listening already feels good, the opening track “Sagittarius A *” is a phenomenal Stoner Rock with incredible energy and riffs that will make your mind explode and even have a music video on the official channel of the band very well done with a certain content of humor (laughs), where the band makes a trip until just the black hole in the center of our galaxy Sagittarius A. Check it bellow!

The album does not have any music that stands out, this being in the good sense, because it is a very firm album that with every song that happens you want to hear more, where half of the album already has music videos in the channel of the band.

“Cult Of The Druid”


An album with an amazing quality in a band that few know. The whole album is amazing. Riffs with maximum fuzz, feeling all the time, powerful drums and voice with an alternation between clean and drive highlights. The tempo also alternates between a more aggressive Stoner Rock full of great riffs for a slower tempo influenced by Doom Metal. Making “Troglodithic Trip” an excellent album, especially for people who love a good Rock ‘n’ Roll mixed with Sci-Fi. It was the first time I listened the band and did not know much what to expect from an album where the cover art seems to have been painted by a child. Save the Cybernetic Witch Cult!


Troglodithic Trip:

1.Sagittarius A*
2.Astrogalactic Sprites
3.Cult Of The Druid
4.Forbidden Fruit
6.Tyrannosaurus Hex




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