Erasy – Valley of the Dying Stars

Erasy is a brazilian band that sails through Doom / Sludge and Stoner Rock-Metal. What they say in its biography is the band was formed in 2012 by
close friends who enjoy the slow and Sabbathic music, filled of fuzz, and of course a good beer. There was a need, yearning to be fed to create something in this line, something heavy, slow, sludge… something that could to summon sabbathic roots. So they went to beyond that…

In ending last year came to this world the “Valley of the Dying Stars”. And it is really a great album.

The Valley of Dying Stars“, is keen, heavy and loaded of energy that comes from these crazy guys. Erasy brings to us a solid work, we can feel the strength of emotion that they want to transmit to who is listening, with distortion riffs, double drum pedals, and a vocal several times distressing,  and everything with enough coherence making the hearing, a good hearing and not ending up into monotony.

There are others elements that make this a good record, not just the elements from genres already mentioned but beside it, for example: the double pedal that if you pay attention you’ll can listening it on whole album, and make everything more heavy, because I don’t know but maybe the manner wich the album was mixed and masterized ended up giving more emphasis on the double pedal and consequently turned it more heavy on grooves and everything else even being slow riff.

The album opens with the track wich named it, the track “The Valley of the Dying Stars“, is a space intro wich contains some guitar-drum jam followed by Sea of Sadness that drag us through a unclean riff by fuzz and a guttural voice, there’s a groove that basically, keeps up with the entire song, what I can highlight here is the solo and pauses of the song and this turns it into great song. From the beginning we can see or better, listen to that Erasy walks naturally into Doom, Sludge and Stoner. So we can go to the heavy song and 3th track called Dawn of Time, what the hell can I tell you about this song? Well, it’s a punch in your face! The song starts with a heavy riff that reminds me something from swedish Old Death Metal, and voice sounds more squeaky than before. This “music time”, is not commun when we are speaking about this kind of music, riffs like this is not commun into Doom/Sludge and Stoner music. But fuck it, man. Erasy creates something really good here. The 4th song is Telling Lies, this song contains a classic sludge stoner riff and a spatial solo. Nothing On The Other Side, the 5th song, kicks the door begining with a slow sludge riff but so the song makes a progression, and the progressions mark the song. Hollow, 6th song and one of my favorites, has a fucking harmonica on its intro, and it’s brillant, surprised me from my first hearing. The voice turns the stoner song into a sludge music, the intrumental of the song is very impressive too. We arrived at the last song, Living in Hell was a single in 2014.

To me, Valley of the Dying Stars is a fucking album to brazilian underground. From Brazilian scene has emerged good bands. Not just in Brazil, but whole the latin america is seeing it happen with proud. One tip: Do not let this album go unnoticed.

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